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Get over it

I bought a new and better hen.

Great album. Superb.


Balance is good

There were no feathers. No signs of violence.

My hen has gone to see the world.

Who are you

I don’t feel comfortable with happiness.

It is a strange bed fellow.

I must address this immediately.

My favourite hen has gone missing. I fear the fox has eaten her.

This must be happiness

After the relief that was Hometime and the balance that Voice returned to me, I hoped I would be back on track. I did not imagine feeling as I do today.

This week we mastered the record. The Turn.

Can we keep saying it? As with every new love affair? This is it. The one. This is the culmination of every lesson learnt. The blessing of age.

 I am reeling, self-satisfied, thrilled. I feel smashed. I am tired. Without doubt.  Filled with aching love for the people that surround me. The space and support they have gifted me… for the door that was left opened to me. 

This must be happiness.