This is the personal blog of Alison Moyet, where she will be mustering her thoughts and sharing with the world.

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  1. 1 alroald May 2, 2007 at 10:13 am


    Hello Alison, I suddenly feel like we are all wondering into one of the rooms of your mind with these new connections…keep expecting to see a windmill…i feel very privileged to be a member of your entourage..though I suppose it is something that has come naturally…you being the brilliant artist you are and also being so hands-on with your club…birds of a feather really do, and we are all happy birds. Hope you are coming on nicely with your album, I’m intrigued by the song titles. You really do deserve to be in such a wonderful place. See you at Arundel. Much love xxx

  2. 2 rob4 May 2, 2007 at 9:14 pm

    Welcome to dungeon GAMB, humbled in your lair. Where’s the room in which the cocktails are served? Seems so fitting you’d have worked out a place to scrabble with your thoughts, so as to sort them to know if they hit on something marked. lol I had made a stab at one of these, but found that my innerword that was to surface had eventually led those so far astray that they strayed! So no more that me, now I just sit and fill in the blanks of the AM forum.  Not worth a thought, but if you do eventually make (or desire) the US again, then there are so many venues in which your talents would be appreciated, in the case where you may be lost to where a gig would work, I could give you pointers, simply ring me. There’s still a grip of people in Capital Hill up in Seattle that still ask about you. I get the same thing in SF.

    As per the mag, I think if you spend the time and energy doing any one of those, you may as well fill the pages of something that would be well read, like doing a page in DNA for god’s sake. lol I was just reading how there are so many mag co’s going broke because of ‘new media’ (which translates to any form of digital info nowadays). So, I’d imagine the best horse to bet on would be finding a niche in the internet realm. So happy you’d made the jump, and it’s always a scary one, because it’s so much out there, but I think after all that fades, it’s really nothing that millions aren’t already doing, so it’s less like exo-posure, and more exposure (in the good sense). Besides, it takes a lot of pressure off my back to have to fill in people that in fact, yes, the singer of Yaz IS still doing music, and YES, the Hoodoo lady IS still running around and making tunes (in short). ‘if I had a nickel’. lol

    See ya,

    Rob 🙂

  3. 3 charlesfrench May 20, 2007 at 12:02 am

    So thrilled that you’ve started a blog. Hoping this means that you’ll respond to fans through your postings. I adore your voice and (I’m watching One Blue Voice now) your amazing talent.

    I post of you fondly and often on my own blog (well, it’s a fairly new, blog you’ve been mentioned twice in two weeks). I also try to point many others to you.

    A fan since the earliest Yaz.

  4. 4 elishalang June 12, 2007 at 5:44 pm

    Greetings Alison –

    Thanks so much for keeping us all abreast as to your activities and the status of the new album. By now you must realize that all of your fans are foaming at the mouth for your new offerings.

    Hopefully, this time around, you will be able to make it stateside. Please rest assured that us blokes in America have not lost our love for you and eagerly await to see you live and in person.

    I live in Seattle and would love to have you grace the lovely Pacific Northwest. If you need a tourguide, I am at your beckon call.

    Much love, admiration and crazy respect –


    p.s. I too have ripped off my toenail – and the pain was unbearable. Is that sick? lol…..

  5. 5 tunde2 June 18, 2007 at 6:00 pm

    Dear Alison,
    I’m Tünde from Hungary. Today is your birthday so I’d like to wish you Happy Birthday!!!!!
    I listen only your songs. You have the greatest voice in the world.
    I love you.
    Tünde, from Hungary.

  6. 6 spirallingstar July 13, 2007 at 7:24 am

    Hi Alison.

    I must admit the website certainly has made it a lot easier for fans like myself to get in touch with their favorite artists. I was introduced to Yaz(oo) many, many years ago here in the states and have always loved the Only You song you recorded with Vince Clarke. Actually, there were a few from that era like Nobody’s Diary and Mr. Blue.

    In reading your blog (which is a real treat by the way), I am reminded that “celebrities” are really just ordinary people with extraordinary talents. They are someone’s daughter, sister, lover, wife, mother, and friend. Thanks for sharing your gift with the world and allowing us to intrude in your inner circle from time to time.

    I hope to see you live someday. Best wishes on the new album.


  7. 7 johnnytwisted September 1, 2007 at 1:32 pm


    I imagine that you get lots of gushing posts on your site. I will try my level best not to add to their number.

    I will say however that you are my favourite singer of any description and of any genre, (bugger me I’m starting to gush as well). I have some difficulty in finding many music places who carry your stuff here in Australia. Mostly I just get “dumb looks”, from the pubesent teenagers who always seen to work in those places. When I served overseas as a soldier in East Timor during the troubles there I took your music with me. I even managed to subvert a few of my younger soldiers into appreciating your music. I’ll admit that I kind of forced on them a bit, but hey, I met one again recently who told me that he went to see you in “Chigago” while he was in the UK. He’s one up on me then. I have only ever seen you on video.

    Have you ever considered coming out to Australia? I am sure that I am not “Robinson Caruso” in regards to your fan base here. I know that there are many more here who would kill to have you here. My wife however, (who is 13 years younger than me), barely remembers the 80’s, and although she now knows who you are, musically we are generations apart. Unfortunately for me I remeber the 80’s, and especially wearing the ghastly “Flock of Seagulls” type clothes that I used to think were so cool in the day. Looking back in photos I feel like I looked like a Poof wrapped in tin foil and baggy pants. Tragically, I used to also like dressing uplike a Refugee from Duran Duran. the girls of the time seemed to like it though. They all tried to look like Madonna, (I late lace to this day).

    I am no music expert, but I like your newer stuff far better than the Synth stuff from the early days.

    I have no idea why I even wrote this. I just wanted to say that your voice has always affected me and I often used it as an escape from the hole that my reality of the time had become.

    I’m very glad to see a new album coming out, and I will be sure to buy it the second that I can.

    Keep up the good work. I will wait impaitently till your new album is out.

    I apologise if my post is too soppy and wet. It’s not normally like me. Normally I’m a Bastard.


    Johnny Twisted

  8. 8 nickolapoprock October 16, 2007 at 5:45 am

    Hi Alison,
    I don’t know if you look at your own website and at fans comments.
    I would just like to say that you are such an inspiration to me.
    I went to Nailsea Comprehensive and took art by one of your friends. My geography teacher also knows you!
    I love all of your music and your attitude towards life.
    You are one of the artists that I can truly relate too.
    You will always be well known even to the new generations.
    You are truly spectacular!


  9. 10 debbywebby1970 October 20, 2007 at 10:43 am

    Hi Alison
    I really hope that you read your fans comments, that would mean so much.
    I have been a huge complete fan since the 80’s when I was a teenager when you first immerged and I have been hooked ever since.
    I live near Belfast in Northern Ireland and the last time you were on tour you came to belfast I came to see you, remember you forgot the words half way through a song.? It was funny and the audience had to help you out. Awesome.
    I am a bigger girl myself and I am so glad that you are back on our screens, as I feel that someones weight or appearance should not be the first thing that people judge us by, and in our horrible society today, no one is accepted unless they are a size 0, and its so wrong.
    Us bigger girls have got it goin on. 🙂 You are one of the most beautiful and photogenic women I have seen. (and my husband thinks so too). 🙂
    Your voice is so amazing, it makes the hairs on my neck stand up. You have such a wonderful talent, and thanks for sharing it with us all.

  10. 11 pac36 October 23, 2007 at 6:19 pm

    Hi Alison,
    Nice to hear your melodic voice is back, been such a big fan for many years !!!…. & cant wait to see you on tour in bournemouth next year…

    regards paul

  11. 12 stick1 October 26, 2007 at 10:13 am

    Oh my god, how utterly fantastic is The sharpest corner – Hollow. Please, please, please say this thing is gonna to be a single? It is the most instant stand out track on the album. It gives me goose bumps whenever I play it.
    I wasn’t sure about the album when I first heard samples of the tracks. All I can say is dont judge a book by the first 10 pages…’s a great album…..just keep makin ’em.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Brighton again in Feb 08


  12. 13 auntpaddy November 26, 2007 at 3:40 am


    I saw you on a re-run of *Graham Norton* and was very pleased to see you and hear you sing (thank god for BBC America!).

    As a young man, one of my first records was “Upstairs at Eric’s”. That collection of songs echoed through my high school years.

    To make a long story short, two of my jobs in my early twenties were: working in my partner’s record store and DJ’ing at the local gay disco. One day “Whispering Your Name” came in a record pool shipment and it immediately went into my weekend rotation at the club and I charted it to the top of my billboard chart as at that time I was a billboard club reporter. Once it became available for sale, we sold it out of the record store as fast as we could get copies of it on the shelf.

    I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love your music. Portland, Oregon is most likely not a destination for you to come and give a concert, but…I can dream…


  13. 14 alroald December 4, 2007 at 4:35 pm

    Ode to Moy’

    (Written by Al Roald Hughes December 2007)

    There she goes
    Blessing the hearts and touching the souls
    Of the ones who cry though why they may not recognize
    Here she comes
    Singing the songs that some of us hum
    A melody of a ballads words, once were reconciled

    And it gets much deeper and gets so down
    Yet it reaches higher and brings us round
    Is it the voice that we all feel, that we all feel, that we can feel inside?
    Or is the beat of drumming hearts?
    My drumming heart, your drumming heart unite

    There she is
    Look at the picture into her eyes
    And into a world of is there such an ordinary girl?
    Where’s she been?
    Into the darkness looking for light
    Hers to shine into the lives anxiety once scared

    Though it gets much darker and gets us down
    Yet it’s shining brighter and brings such sound
    Is it the voice that we all hear, that we all hear, that we can hear outside?
    Or is the beat of drumming hearts
    My drumming heart, your drumming heart unite

    It is the voice that we all hear
    That we all hear…and we can hear her cry
    And it is the beat of drumming hearts
    My drumming heart, your drumming heart unite

    …truly, now let it sing to you…

  14. 15 geespot December 31, 2007 at 6:30 pm


    Apologies, if they’re needed, for leaving this on your Blog. But I’ve wanted to communicate with you. Some reflections on The Turn. A review, of sorts, if you will…Christmas (for I too call it that) and the turning of the year tend to get me in reflective mood.

    These past few months my iPod could be forgiven for thinking that it’s only download is The Turn and my car has long since forgotten what other music exists. This is how I get with new music. Intense. Immersed. I need to feel each track, try it on and become accustomed to its nuance. Headphones are good for this, but so too a fancy-dan Bose system in one’s Beemer. Each setting, and media type, adds a new insight.

    It’s hard to choose favourites among The Turn’s stellar collection. I hope you are (rightly) proud of what you’ve achieved, again.

    I loved Hometime, with a passion. My untrained and nervous singing voice was first coaxed out of its hiding place in front of a music teacher, aged 35 (me, not the teacher), to “Should I Feel That’s It’s Over?”. She smiled, said I could sing. I shook and cried, as in fact I had been from the end of the first verse). Not since aged 10, when my voice faltered then broke mid-way through a Silent Night solo in school choir, have I publicly subjected anyone to my voice. A year later, aged 11, I was relegated to being just one of Three Kings, me struggling to retain any control over what notes I produced or hung on to. A brave choice then, don’t you think?! (I think it was do or die, all or nothing).

    Voice was bliss. From Windmills (Elaine who?!) via La Chanson (could anyone sound sexier, more intense?) to Cry Me A River (which, though I’m clearly biased, I can’t recall a better version of). Again, the latter featured in my attempts to learn to sing (I played it eagerly to my singing teacher, who herself gasped when you opened…”Now you say you love me”). That first note, sublime.

    And so to The Turn. I have to confess to being nervous (though why I should ever have doubted its brilliance, with hindsight, I am unsure). There’s something about discovery…listening to a new album is like getting to learn the next chapter in the life of an old and trusted friend you haven’t seen for a few years…are they about to tell you that despite everything you know to date about them since you last met they’ve joined the Tories, club seals for fun and regret that Nestle and Coca-Cola haven’t yet joined forces to finally end any semblance of choice we may still have. That make any sense?

    Well anyway, a billion (or thereabouts) plays later I can say with absolute conviction that it’s more Moyet brilliance. Familiar, but fresh: a natural evolution. If favourites must chosen I can, but with maybe a little less conviction (I have been known once or twice to change my mind…Satellite came to life during the One Blue Voice tour and is now an all-time love).

    So, for me, “Can’t Say It Like I Mean It” (jaw-dropping, start to end), “It’s not the thing Henry” (blows the speakers, love it) and “A Guy Like You” (swing your pants, sassy style) are resonating the most just now. But then there’s One More Time, Anytime at All, Fire, The Sharpest Corner… Tricky stuff. Congratulations, Alison, for totally foxing me and creating an album of such blinding accomplishment that I can’t actually choose (and me such a swash-bucklingly decisive chap otherwise).

    “Can’t Say It Like I Mean It” is a work of some particular genius, though, even by your standards.

    “And how those angry tears will fall when all your plans don’t suit the one you made them for, it comes to this…It’s easier forgetting how you got to shore, when every cloud that blows your way is something else to blame me for” (just typing them gives me goose-bumps (in a good way 😉 ).

    As if the lyrics aren’t in themselves breathtaking (their simplicity, the imagery invoked by their metaphor and the place they reach, deep inside) you go and combine them with some stunning vocals. For me it’s always been your range…high to low, quiet and soft to loud and bold. It’s a contrast I’m both envious of and deeply grateful for (usually my green-eyed monster would sooner deny the coveted what they have, in spite of myself, so it’s a particular tribute that I am profoundly jealous of your ability (knowing I will ever possess no more than a tiny (teeny) fraction of it) but would not in truth have it any other way. Can’t Say It, also has an Outro that could just go on forever, as far as I am concerned. Not I think since Karma Chameleon have I ‘repeat’ played a track so much (but thankfully these days I don’t have to vault across my bedroom to catch the needle on my crappy Fidelity Hi-Fi and drop it back at the start of the 45).

    As is my wont I’ve detoured somewhat and in the course heavily dented your WordPress word limit. But as the lovely L’Oreal advert implores…”you’re worth it!”. I started with an apology and will end with another two: for rambling like a mad man and for posting something that sounds as sycophantic as this may, with re-reading. It’s not my intention but I may just have to accept that I am guilty as charged.

    Alison, in a different place we have lamented the need for brethren and a sense of belonging. I’m right there with you on that. My take is that my church is vast. It spans time and space and connects me to others who make me feel normal, accepted, like I belong. They each contribute something unique to my life: wit, compassion, art, drama, passion, anger, tears, intellect…whatever. At least one of ‘my church’ lives in Essex, even though I’ve never met them in person. And I’ll be beaming away in Row R at Colston Hall on the 29th (and singing at the top of my voice!).

    Glen xxx. 🙂

  15. 16 madamebutterfly2026 January 13, 2008 at 5:42 am

    I’ll keep this short and sweet, as your most likely a very busy woman. Your blogs are hilarious for one. And quiet entertaining. We women have to have that fuck it, so what kind of attitude sometimes. I’m not gonna be all “O my god i love you” in that crazy fanatic kind of way. Really this is on behalf of my partner. She would be the one showering you with fanatic smoodge. She used to woo me with your songs when she was “courting me ie working to get in my pants”.

    Ok, this blog is getting off track. Sorry. Hadn’t i said i would keep this short and sweet.

    Nutshell as follows: Your blogs prove your an incredibly witty, funny woman. Very real and human. (never too sure about you musicians these days) HA…And every time I listen to your cd’s I fall more and more in love with your voice. And also, my poor sweetheart, saw you perform once and as she says, was close enough to you and the stage she could have touched you. She drools every time she sees’ you on the t.v. and we both think you are heaven on earth. Absolutely beautiful. If you ever some back to the US to perform. Make a big show of it for goodness sakes so i can drive my beloved to where ever you are so she can relive one of her fondest memories. LOL…. hell with short and sweet.
    Take care!

    Misty and Kathleene in Southern Louisiana

  16. 17 alisonmoyet January 13, 2008 at 12:26 pm

    That’s lovely..thank you

    …and how fantasic does Misty and Kathleene in Southern Lousiana sound.. it begs to be in a book! xxx

  17. 18 songlineboy January 23, 2008 at 7:34 pm

    i loved spam too, and stop reading me mind, madam, about killing those nasty red-tops.

    ps. always wondered, do you write your lyrics with explicit intent on double-entondre (or whatever that frenchie pie stuff is…)?
    I seem to read something sexual into almost all of ’em!

  18. 19 geespot January 27, 2008 at 6:36 pm

    Colston Hall, Saturday January 26th 2008.

    It’s the morning after the night before. A sense of elation, a bit of a sore throat and then a slight feeling of disappointment (feelings ten years ago that I would have associated with the morning after a night clubbing that ended with a cracking shag, then the sun comes up and shines its harsh spotlight).

    Much better, oh so much better then, that my disposition reflects the day after your Colston gig.

    I sat in Row G having blagged some better tickets from a mate who was so heavily pregant she feared giving birth so shyed away (which on relection gives a different twist on the line “whose sticky hands are these?”). Sorry, that’s two crude jokes in two paragraphs…

    Transfixed. I realised my jaw was aching about 4 songs in: a preposterous smile across my face. I remember it well as a sensation induced either by (a) some good MDMA or (b) a few previous dates we have had which involve you on a stage and me in the audience, just close enough to see the movement of your eyes and yet far enough to imagine you can’t actually see my preposterous smile. Option (a) isn’t one I’ve taken up in this recent lifetime and so (b) it is.

    What you said in your into to The Man in the Wings, I totally get. Last night, as every night and day, it was all about me and you. You blew me away with the current list: Can’t Say It, The Sharpest Corner, Fire. These, together with You Don’t Have to Go, Momma Momma and Footsteps (work of genius) still have the hairs standing on the back of my neck. We were blessed.

    Others’ relative unfamiliarity (compared to the Yazoo/Alf years) gave me a sense of privelege, connection, intimacy, pride. Were there any other people there?! I thought not when I shot to my feet at the end of Momma Momma to scowls from those around me! I sung myself hoarse, matched you note for note, word for word (if ever you need a prompt…). At least in my head.

    What you write in the programme…a desire to be able to flit through your repertoir and have the audience keep faith… You’re a realist and so you’ll know some got lost along the way (still humming Love Resurrection two tracks later). But Moyet junkies like me weren’t just keeping up, they were thrill seeking, trying to guess what next, setting the pace. More, harder, faster. I think only breaking into “There are worse things” could have made it more roller-coaster and I loved it! MDMA holds no candle.

    My disappointment is far from anything to do with the night itself but the come down. I can’t believe it’s over. I need a fix (I’ve scanned my diary to see how on earth I can get to one of the other dates without having to sit in row ZZ). Just where is Basingstoke for God’s sake?! If not, I’ll have to peg my hopes on a live DVD…

    Darrrhhhling you were fabulous. Let’s do it again some time.


  19. 20 geespot February 8, 2008 at 12:23 am

    The night before the morning after.

    Home now and sipping a Manhattan. The house is still, my Boy upstairs asleep. I yearned for this drink as I sped down an almost deserted M5 from Birmingham to Bristol on my way home from the Symphony Hall.

    The liquor burns and then sooths my throat, a little raw from singing my heart out and through your back catalogue. I could sense the look on the chap’s face next to me. He thought he was coming to hear you sing, but I clearly had other ideas…! And then in the solitude of Beauregard (great name for a car, n’est ce pas?) I ‘looped-the-loop’ with The Turn in the 80 minutes or so it took me to wing it home.

    In the terrace, to your left. Front row, and all. Lucky at such late notice. Meant to be, I feel.

    I always want to be brave at your gigs. Connect. Shout something witty. Whistle. Leap from my seat and start dancing. It’s about you looking up, smiling and saying “Oh, hey, Glen, good to see you” (probably with your thumbs up!). It’s that Man in the Wings thing again.

    But an unfamiliar self-consciousness suppresses me. I’m not normally that way, au contraire (what’s with all the French?!). I imagine that if I ever were to meet you I’d utter something totally unintelligible (“Hmmefpt, manar manar, hmnpf” or some such) or else just stand there agog (good word, ‘agog’) and the moment would be lost. Awe brings out my deepest insecurities, it seems.

    It was lovely to see you again. Can’t Say It, Footsteps, Sharpest Corner, You Don’t Have to Go, Momma Momma – jaw-dropping.

    Sweet dreams when you get there. Mine will be.


  20. 21 alffan April 3, 2008 at 5:30 pm

    Hi Alf

    I´m old fan of you since the 80´s. It start with Yazoo with your strong and sensitive voice. My favourite album is the first Alf and then i have follow your carrier.

    So right now i´m so glad that Yazoo reunion My and my girlfriend have ordered ticket and come to Manchester 7 June from Sweden. First time in Manchester!
    And offcourse first time on a Yazoo concert, i was i little bit young to travel to England i the 80´s.

    A question were come the name Yazoo from?

    So see you soon Alison!

    Bye from Marie Magnusson from Sweden, Stockholm

  21. 22 chestnuts2008 April 12, 2008 at 1:17 pm

    hi david here in london.

    I know it was a few months back now but just seen this site.
    Just wanted to say how great u were at London palladium.

    Good luck with your reconnected tour x

    God I hate IKEA

  22. 23 geespot June 14, 2008 at 12:13 am

    Manchester Apollo, June 7th & Bristol Colston Hall, June 13th

    It’s gone 1am on the 13th and I’m still wired (no chemicals involved). Stunning, as you are. Lovely to see you and Vince.

    Mr Blue, Midnight, State Farm…who am I kidding…all of it. Brilliant. Stunning. A gift, almost indecent in its opulence. And twice.

    Nothing compares.

    G xxx

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